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Tell Us How You Really Feel

TELL IS HOW YOU REALLY FEEL Former    Drill Sergeant in the U.S. Army was caught on camera in a racist rant proclaiming “Black lives don't fucking matter.”  Why?    Because a grocery store would not allow him to purchase Alcohol. Miles    was arrested and booked at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center for trespassing and disturbing the peace.  👇 Click Here to Watch The Video QUESTION OF THE DAY: (Please participate in our poll questions. All identity information is anonymous and does not collect any of your personal data. All results are posted within 24hours  Should  Staff meeting you Sergeant Miles be allowed to continue serving in the military? Is being intoxicated or under the influence ever an excuse for this type of behavior? Please join us for Free at:   Click Here to Subscribe   

Equality of Law Enforcement Interaction

          Although the conviction of Derek Chauvin shows a glimmer of hope that justice for black men killed by cops is possible in America,    there is still much work that needs to be done to address criminal cops' abuse of power with no consequences. Every day we are faced with the harsh reality that the likelihood of a black person dying at the hands of a police officer flows far more likely than any other race in America. Many continue to deny these concerns and usually respond with “Well… if they only had done did what they were told to do, they would not have been shot or    killed.” Really???    Where here is an example of how much difference there is between how cops commonly respond to non-black suspects: Ohio Man with Gun In Car 4 Months Ago For those who need more evidence of this fact?  Here’s a case that happened last week in the exact same state that George Floyd was murdered in: Minnesota Man Hits Police Officer With Hammer and Drives off with Cop Dragged 1 Week Ago

Guilty.....Justice Served

I’m happy with the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin and believe that the prosecutors clearly demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that George Floyd was murdered.  However, I have no faith that this case alone will effect change in America. Everyday, there is a new story of assault or murder of black women and men by those sworn to both protect and serve. Although I truly believe that most police officers are not bad apples, there is enough bad apples to diminish the faith in American justice system.  Question(s) of the Day:   Do you feel justice was served in the George Floyd Murder? What steps should be taken to address the failures of law enforcement?